Portfolio Building Photo Session


Hey there! I'm so excited that you're interested in helping me build my portfolio (and get yourself some free photos).

I'm a "lifestyle" photographer and my heart is to capture those earliest moments with your new baby.

Baby kisses and cuddles. The teeny-tiny diapers. The blanket that your aunt crocheted. 
The big siblings learning how to use "gentle hands."

These are the moments you'll want to remember forever. I want you to have organic and real images that show the love and connection with your new baby and each family member.

I'm offering 2 types of sessions: 

  1. In Hospital Session - This will take place within the first 2-3 days of birth at the hospital. I'd like to get there the morning of the 2nd day (or 3rd if you've had a c-section; you need time to heal). If you want to capture your big kids' first moments with baby, I'll get there about 30 minutes before they arrive and be ready for when they come in the room.
  2. At Home Session - This can take place anytime during the baby's first month. This will be the session where we capture your real life with baby. We'll pick 2-3 of your favorite rooms at your house and clean only them. Don't go cleaning like your mother-in-law is coming; just normal de-cluttering will do. Do these rooms have awesome windows? Let me know! Do you have furbabies, they're totally welcome too.

In exchange for signing a model-release and letting me capture 1-2 hours of your family's new life, you'll receive 5 fully-edited digital images. You're welcome to purchase additional images if you wish (but there's no pressure).

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