Your family is coming for the holidays. It's time for family pictures!

The grandparents are coming for the holidays! Now is the time to finally capture photographs of Papa reading books or Grammy baking cookies with the grandkids. Your children will absolutely love looking back on those images that their growing brains have already forgotten. You'll also love having the family photos that show the love between your parents and your children.

Let's talk about how you and I can capture those family pictures this holiday season.

An in home lifestyle session with a grandmother and granddaughter in Claremont and Glendora with Erica Faith Photography.

I remember during one Thanksgiving trip to see my grandmother. We called her Grandma Rabbit because of my brother's obsession with Winnie the Pooh (it's a long story). Anyway, I remember baking a cake with her. I remember the oval wooden table that had seen decades of use. I remember her teaching me how to make a pretty design on the cake with a spatula. What I don't have is any photograph of her and me together. I would give almost anything to see a photo of the two of us together.

A fun lifestyle photo session with grandparents and their grandchildren in Southern California with Erica Faith Photography.

What goes through your heart when the parents that held you as a newborn, now hold your own children? Do you imagine what it must have been like for them so many years ago? Do you compare the wisdom and experience they have learned through their lives with the raw potential of the tiny baby in their arms?

Capture photographs of grandparents and grandchildren with a photo session in Claremont and Glendora with Erica Faith Photography.

Ready to put these memories on paper? Let's talk. It's time to get your parents and your children in the same frame.