What to Wear for a Family Photo Session

What are some of your biggest reasons stopping you from scheduling a family photo session? For me, it's figuring out what to wear.

I WANT to look put together. I NEED my clothes to be comfortable.
I WANT to feel confident. I NEED my outfit to be kid-friendly.

So, I created some outfit ideas for family photos that are that perfect mix of comfort and style. You'll be ready to tie shoes, lift kids over your head and still look amazing.

Photos at a local playground

This is all about being casual. There's a small mix of patterns (stripes, plaid) and colors (denim, white, pops of yellow and green). You're ready to chase after a loose child and a little spilt juice won't ruin anyone's outfit. 


Photos at the local college with the awesome architecture

Your family is trendy and a bit urban. You want to stand out when standing next to amazing architecture. So, pick a "feature" outfit (such as mom's outfit). This is the foundation that the rest of the family will coordinate to. Don't pick all identical colors; instead, keep to a similar color family. In the set below, you can see that we're using a lot of blues and grey with pops of pink and red.


Cold Weather Photos In Nature

You want to stay warm and keep everyone's toes protected against stray branches. These outfits will show off mom's curves, be comfortable and keep you ready to grab that stick out of your baby's mouth. And, if the weather gets even colder (unlikely in California but we can still dream, right?), throw some beanies on everyone's heads and we're golden.


More outfit ideas

You can also find additional outfit ideas on my Pinterest Board (opens in new window).