Short Story: The Early Mornings | Claremont Documentary Photographer

Everyday human stories and beautiful light inspire me. So, it’s natural that I’d lift up my camera to document the gorgeous morning light that surrounds my children as they wake up and start the day.

These are the normal, everyday activities that are common to every family and the routines that we may forget by dinnertime. But, they are important because I love these people. I love how small they are; how they just have to eat cereal without milk; how they have such adorable belly buttons.

We need to document the everyday activities
that we risk forgetting.
These activities are the ones that create
our sense of family and home.

Documenting the early morning with a school age boy.
A child getting dressed.
I love how the light lands on the tiny toys my children save.
Breakfast with children
Cereal without milk
I love seeing the extreme differences between the warm inside artificial light and the cool outside sunrise.
Sun flare and children are always gorgeous.
The youngest and the slowest eater.

When we are surrounded by the people we love and trust…
When we’re doing the everyday activities we love…
That’s when we’re our truest selves.

Document and treasure those moments. They’re worth it.

After Dinner playtime

Are you ever at a loss as to what to do after dinner and before bedtime? It seems that my kids need to run around and burn off still more energy every evening. So, instead of having them wrestle on the living room floor we headed to a local playground.  

Black and white photo of girl climbing on the playground equipment in Claremont, CA by Erica Faith Walker

This little 4 year old can almost always keep up with his big siblings. He's fast and scrappy.

Documentary photo of siblings on the playground equipment in Claremont, CA by Erica Faith Walker

However, sometimes that isn't enough. Sometimes, your legs just need to keep growing.

Documentary photo of siblings on the playground equipment in Claremont, CA by Erica Faith Walker

Helmets are helpful even off the scooter. They even keep you safe running on the blacktop.

Black and white photo of boy on a playground in Claremont, CA by Erica Faith Walker

My thumb is greening

  I had a grand idea several months ago. I had some bamboo pole and some string and a patch full of weeds in the backyard that I decided to transform into a bean-covered teepee. I have next to no gardening experience or knowledge, but I tore out as many weeds as I could find and poked some peas in the ground around the little teepee. They grew! And sprouted flowers! And the flowers are now sugar snap peas! I hope the birds stay away and leave at least one for us to eat.