P52 - 2014

P52 – A Study of Light {Morning Light}

  A new month brings a new photography theme. April is all about morning light, embracing the color of it, the softness, it's direction. So, I'll be drinking a lot of caffeine really early this month and capturing some sweet images.

Starting this month is with my favorite tree in our yard, the peach tree. The actual peaches are usually too small and bug-ridden, but the blooms are divine.


Some more morning light caught my littlest playing with some toys. I can't get enough of his chubby little fingers and toes.

P52 - A Study of Light {Black and White}

P52 - A Study of Light {Black and White}

P52 - A Study of Light {Black and White}

My light study continues into March with a focus on Black and White. It is really fun to photograph for black and white. I get to pay close attention to how the light is helping tell the story of my photo and how the different color tones present either help or hinder as well. So, welcome to a new theme in my year of light study.


P52 – A Study of Light {Diffused Light}

The last week of diffused light.

1. Outside on an overcast day. I heard that flat light is supposedly good for portraits so I wanted to try one of my kids. For this shot, I also tried framing her with the design of the quilt.

2. Inside with diffused morning light coming through the windows.

P52 – A Study of Light {Diffuse Light}

P52 – A Study of Light {Diffuse Light}

It's a new month and a new light technique. In February, I'll be working with diffused light. This could be light tempered behind curtains, hazy or cloudy days, overcast or rainy skys and flat light. I hear that it's great light for taking portraits because of the lack of harsh shadows. However, I'm already noticing that my style of photography usually involves some distinct shadowing to draw the viewer's eye. So, here are my first experiments with flat light from an overcast day. In the first image, there are obviously a few shadows because we were inside but the light is pretty uninteresting. The second image is very flat and proved a challenge when I started editing because I kept trying to find shadows to boost. Hmm, well, I have a month to conquer diffused light. :)

Diffused Light - Erica Faith Photography

P52 – A Study of Light {Directional Light}

At last, my last week on directional light. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of using window light (side light generally) so I wanted to challenge myself a bit. I spent the whole week looking for top light (noon pics, anyone?), bottom light (totally unflattering on people) and finally found something fun. Here are two different types of light. First is top light - sunny day at noon at the park. You can see the lack of shadows on his face and the darker shadow underneath him. He happened to also be sitting in shade so he didn't need to squint too much to look up.

If I were to choose my preferred light, I definitely don't prefer shooting at high noon. The contrast is usually too strong for my preferred type of "happy child shots" and the top light from the sun usually means that people's eyes are in the shadows or that they're squinting from the sun.


Second is my more "artsy" submission. This is side light from a window way across the room. I like how it only highlights his chubby baby cheeks.


P52 – A Study of Light {Directional Light}

We've got some more directional light this week, also from a window. This time, however, I closed all the windows in this room and only slightly cracked open one to the front-left of my boy (left of the bed in the pictures).  The fun thing about window light is the strong fall-off. The light really close to the window is very strong but it gets dark very quickly. This is called the Inverse Square Law for those photography theory nerds. :) It works really well to isolate the subject in a busy setting (like a cluttered bedroom). While he's nice and bright, all the clutter behind him is in the shadows (and out of focus).