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We marbled pumpkins - A Pinterest win!

We marbled pumpkins - A Pinterest win!

We actually did a Pinterest activity... and it worked!

Last week at my kids' school some of the other moms were talking about when they tried to dip pumpkins into nail polish to create a marbled look and how it failed so horribly. Out of curiosity, I looked the technique up when I got home. It sure did make some pretty pumpkins and did look pretty easy. Probably won't really work though, right?

Kids Were Here - February

Here's a flashback to Valentine's week (yup, it's a week in our house). We had rocket ship valentines, snowman valentines and, for some reason, mice valentines. Of course I was the hired hand to draw all the outlines.

And, here's a quick shot of our show area, with extra wall smudges.

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P52 – A Study of Light {Diffused Light}

The last week of diffused light.

1. Outside on an overcast day. I heard that flat light is supposedly good for portraits so I wanted to try one of my kids. For this shot, I also tried framing her with the design of the quilt.

2. Inside with diffused morning light coming through the windows.