Kids Were Here

Kids Were Here - March Edition

  Welcome to another round of Kids Were Here: a walk through my house capturing what my children leave behind. Here's what a typical day looks like ...

Morning: The sun coming in the window makes me notice the cart of art supplies that I'm always replenishing.

Morning: My daughter declared that she needed to make a house for Lamby, her treasured and stinky stuffed lamb. She was very particular about the house being pointed ("like real houses") and that there be a window. She taped a picture of herself as a baby on the wall, taped down a bubble wrap carpet and paint-swatch rugs, even a bed made out of an Altoids tin. That lamb is living in luxury.

Afternoon: I couldn't think of a reason not to let her paint her playhouse. It sits outside all year long getting the brunt of sun, wind and rain. Perhaps a bit of paint will make it feel more homey. 

Afternoon: My oldest (age 4.5) is learning how to write and my youngest (age 17 months) is learning how to scribble.

Late afternoon: My counter was full of dirty dishes and my kids were bouncing off the walls with boredom, so I put them to work. I think the little tugboat needs some more cleaning. The bonus of this activity? My floors got so wet that I mopped them too!

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Kids Were Here - February

Here's a flashback to Valentine's week (yup, it's a week in our house). We had rocket ship valentines, snowman valentines and, for some reason, mice valentines. Of course I was the hired hand to draw all the outlines.

And, here's a quick shot of our show area, with extra wall smudges.

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Kids Were Here - Blog Circle

I was surprised to discover that 3 year old boy has a love for stuffed animals. A while ago we got him a little jaguar that he named "Jaggy" and took him to bed each night. Shortly after, he added "Reindy," "Diny" and other stuffed animals (and monsters). These are the usual crew in his bed, but he sometimes add another animal, paper airplane or lego creation too. He even makes sure that they're all under the covers too. I wish I could bottle up this totally sweet habit.

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