What to Wear for a Family Photo Session

What to Wear for a Family Photo Session

You want beautiful family photos but you're standing in front of your closet with no idea of what to wear. I can totally help! I've created some outfit ideas for family photos that are that perfect mix of comfort and style. You'll be ready to tie shoes, lift kids over your head and still look amazing.

Kids Were Here - February

Here's a flashback to Valentine's week (yup, it's a week in our house). We had rocket ship valentines, snowman valentines and, for some reason, mice valentines. Of course I was the hired hand to draw all the outlines.

And, here's a quick shot of our show area, with extra wall smudges.

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P52 – A Study of Light {Diffused Light}

The last week of diffused light.

1. Outside on an overcast day. I heard that flat light is supposedly good for portraits so I wanted to try one of my kids. For this shot, I also tried framing her with the design of the quilt.

2. Inside with diffused morning light coming through the windows.