P52 – A Study of Light {Directional Light}

This year is all about light. Photography is about harnessing light and shadow to convey feelings or represent reality (or fantasy). What I learned during last year's photo-a-week project is that if I want to grow as a photographer than I must learn all about different types and quality of light and how to manipulate light for my intended photographic vision. This month I'm focusing on directional light. Directional light is simply light that is stronger on one side of the subject than the other. This could be light coming from the side of the subject, the top, even the back. The purpose of directional light is about creating interest using the light and shadows created by the strong light. The images below would not have had the same pull or interest if the light was flat throughout the entire image. It's the play between the shadows and the highlights that draw your eye to my daughter's cute face. This week I focused on side light. I had my daughter sit about 2 feet from the window so I could get some bright light on her left side and dark shadows on her right.