P52 – A Study of Light {Diffuse Light}

It's a new month and a new light technique. In February, I'll be working with diffused light. This could be light tempered behind curtains, hazy or cloudy days, overcast or rainy skys and flat light. I hear that it's great light for taking portraits because of the lack of harsh shadows. However, I'm already noticing that my style of photography usually involves some distinct shadowing to draw the viewer's eye. So, here are my first experiments with flat light from an overcast day. In the first image, there are obviously a few shadows because we were inside but the light is pretty uninteresting. The second image is very flat and proved a challenge when I started editing because I kept trying to find shadows to boost. Hmm, well, I have a month to conquer diffused light. :)

Diffused Light - Erica Faith Photography