Kids Were Here - March Edition

  Welcome to another round of Kids Were Here: a walk through my house capturing what my children leave behind. Here's what a typical day looks like ...

Morning: The sun coming in the window makes me notice the cart of art supplies that I'm always replenishing.

Morning: My daughter declared that she needed to make a house for Lamby, her treasured and stinky stuffed lamb. She was very particular about the house being pointed ("like real houses") and that there be a window. She taped a picture of herself as a baby on the wall, taped down a bubble wrap carpet and paint-swatch rugs, even a bed made out of an Altoids tin. That lamb is living in luxury.

Afternoon: I couldn't think of a reason not to let her paint her playhouse. It sits outside all year long getting the brunt of sun, wind and rain. Perhaps a bit of paint will make it feel more homey. 

Afternoon: My oldest (age 4.5) is learning how to write and my youngest (age 17 months) is learning how to scribble.

Late afternoon: My counter was full of dirty dishes and my kids were bouncing off the walls with boredom, so I put them to work. I think the little tugboat needs some more cleaning. The bonus of this activity? My floors got so wet that I mopped them too!

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