How I Got the Shot

How many times have you wanted to capture a sweet moment of your children but by the time you got your camera out the moment has passed? Kids aren't the best at "redoing" candid moments for the camera. As photographers of children, we need to think like photojournalists.

Often photography is about "reading" a situation, anticipating future action and visualizing the final image in your head before the moment happens. So, this time, before the moment happens, get your camera out, adjust the settings, and wait for that moment you're expecting. Here's how I did that recently with my own kids.


Image One

I really like the golden sun setting in the corner and the long shadows. But, the image in my mind is of all three of my kids in the photo.


Image Two


All kids in the same shot! However, I don't really like that my youngest is blocking my daughter. Wait just a couple more seconds...



All kids in the frame. Three shadows lined up by height. And absolutely no directing or posing by me. I just watched their play and anticipated where they move and put myself in position to capture it.