7 Reasons to Book an In-Home Newborn Session

Newborns are so adorable, so tiny! Their minuscule toes! Their legs that still curl into themselves! Ahhh. They also don't stay tiny for long so it's very important to capture those early newborn days. 

But, packing up a newborn? Don't forget the wipes, diapers, clothes, pacifiers, extra clothes, socks, more diapers, etc. And by the time you've packed everything, it's time to feed and change them again. So, if you want those newborn days photographed, what should you do? Well, what if we could bring the newborn session to you?

I came up with seven reasons by you should book an in-home newborn photography session. And, seven reasons should you book it with Erica Faith Photography. Let me know what you think at the end.

A newborn baby sleeps on her parents' bed in Claremont during an in home session by Erica Faith Photography.

1. You're in the comfort of your own home

By coming to you, the experience is already simplified. No worries about getting out of the house on time. I'll come to you. I'l be on time. I'll even bring your favorite Starbucks beverage.

You can relax on your couch while I take posed portraits of your darling newborn. You can even lay on your own comfy bed and take portraits with your newborn.

Big siblings laugh and goof off during an in-home newborn session in Claremont by Erica Faith Photography

2. Big siblings are in their comfort zone

Lifestyle newborn sessions are so much fun with big siblings. The big siblings are surrounded by their own belongings but they are so proud to show off their newest "doll." Your big kids can get used to me in their home and by the end of our visit, we'll be good buds.

A dad and dog guard watch over their newborn baby at an in-home newborn session in Rancho Cucamonga by Erica Faith Photography.

3. You can include your pets.

Your fur-babies are a part of your family too. Include them in the session. 

A photo of a nursing mom relaxes with her baby at her in-home newborn session in Claremont taken by Erica Faith Photography. 

4. You can include your beloved home in the photos

Your home is where life happens. Diapers are changed. Meals are shared. Introduce your newborn to the home where that love is shared.

A dad holds his newborn daughter during an in-home session in Rancho Cucamonga by Erica Faith Photography.

5. We can capture the real-life moments.

I can still remember holding my week-old newborn in the crook of my arm while heating up water for that night's dinner. She so quickly fit into our new family's routines. It would be an honor to capture real moments of your family with your newborn.

A fun photo of big sister playing around during an in-home newborn session in Rancho Cucamonga by Erica Faith Photography. 

6. Life can go on

Life doesn't stop for newborn photography. Big siblings need snacks or tickles or swinging around the room. That's life. And, life (your new life) is the perfect thing to capture during an in-home newborn session.

A newborn gets a diaper change during her in-home newborn session in Claremont by Erica Faith Photography.

7. Your entire wardrobe is at your fingertips

Baby spit up or diaper blow outs are no problem. We all know that life with newborns is messy. But, it doesn't have to stay messy when your whole wardrobe is down the hall.


As a photographer, I want to make your job easier. You just had a baby. Now, it's time to cherish that tiny being and cuddle in tight with the rest of your family. I can bring the newborn photography experience to you and together we can capture the earliest moments of your baby's life with your family. 


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