Can technology and minimalism co-exist?


I love technology. I love how I can automate so many mundane activities. I love that I can reduce clutter by digitizing documents and DVDs. I don't love the tech clutter. Tech items do have a way of multiplying. I went to buy a new iMac when my old one died. The new one came bundled with a new keyboard and mouse. I don't need a keyboard or mouse. But, my "electronics" drawer now has an extra keyboard and mouse sitting there unused.

Using technology also has a way of overloading our lives. We jump when our phone chirps at us. We make worthy life goals but then spend that valuable time scrolling Facebook, Instragram, etc. I tried researching what productivity experts recommend when someone wants to minimize or de-clutter their life. One of the most-frequent recommendations is to reduce our dependence on technology; to even take a technology hiatus or sabbath.

So, is an interest in minimalism and a love of technology incompatible? My hope is to find ways to nurture my tech interest all while simplifying my home and life.


Can I find the balance of a simple life and one that includes technology?

What will I find in that middle ground?