How to use Wunderlist to stop wasting food


It's such an embarrassing cycle: Buy lots of fresh healthy food > Forget about that food in the pantry or fridge > Eat unhealthy takeout food > Throw away the now-expired healthy food. Can I use the technology already around me to stop wasting food and end this horrible habit?  I am so embarrassed at the amount of food that I have thrown out and the amount of money we have wasted.

Of course, I always have good intentions and ideals of healthy meals to come when I'm at the grocery store. But then the week gets busy. It's lunch time & I forget that we have tortillas at home and we instead go out to eat. I need to change this cycle.

I know I work well with digital reminders. Can I harness my technology to eat what we bought when I'm already tired & busy?


Stop wasting food with the Wunderlist app.
Stop wasting food with the Wunderlist app.

Catalog every egg I buy or update an app every time I eat one bagel.


I need a simple reminder when either when I'm out of the house (before I'm in the fast food drive-through) or when I'm home & lunch is minutes away but I can't remember what we have.

My Wunderlist solution:


  • Set a reminder for the last use-by date. This could be the date on the package, the date recommended by the FDA, or just a date that makes sense to you.
  • Now you can check the list when you're meal planning or grocery shopping or just wait for the reminders telling you to eat what you bought.