How to make a more compelling image

There's a saying among photographers that "moment is everything." This means that good lighting or composition doesn't mean as much as capturing the moment that should be captured. David duChemin countered that argument in his podcast by reminding everyone that the composition of that "moment" can make or break the image.

I recently took two photos of my four year old on his scooter. In my eyes, one image is more compelling and powerful than the other. Let's see why.

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How to capture your child lost in imagination

We all know that children love boxes... sometimes even more than the item that came in them. I recently collected a bunch of boxes for my kids and set them loose with paint markers, masking tape and whatever else they could find in the yard. I was expecting to see three little "robots" walking around or maybe a bunch of new "airplanes."

However, as always, these kids surprised me.

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We marbled pumpkins - A Pinterest win!

We actually did a Pinterest activity... and it worked!

Last week at my kids' school some of the other moms were talking about when they tried to dip pumpkins into nail polish to create a marbled look and how it failed so horribly. Out of curiosity, I looked the technique up when I got home. It sure did make some pretty pumpkins and did look pretty easy. Probably won't really work though, right?

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