Tell the Story – A CM Blog Circle

Regular readers of this blog (Hi, Allison and Jen) will hopefully recognize my attempts to use photography to tell stories. Most of these stories show how little my children are, or tell about their childhood. Using photos to tell stories requires thinking like a journalist and using the Who, What, When, Where and Why in creating the photo. Some photographer friends recently decided to do a four week study of telling stories through photography. This week, our first week, had two assignments. 1) Create a storyboard that describes what the storytelling photoshoot will capture and 2) Post your favorite pictures you take throughout the week that accomplish your storytelling goals.

When you’re finished here, check out Tiffany’s stories.

1) So, here is my storyboard of a child painting outside. I haven’t gotten around to actually photographing this yet, because my kids + paint do not make for a good situation where I want to bring an expensive camera. Anyway, enjoy the story and imagine beautiful pictures to go along with it.

storyboard 1 - Erica Faith Photography

2) Here are my favorite two stories.

Story 1 – My husband, the high school teacher, grading tests late into the night.Tell a Story - Erica Faith Photography

Story 2 – My family preparing a yummy dinner together.Tell a Story - Erica Faith Photography

  • Sara

    As a teacher, the one of your husband grading speaks to me. I really like your use of negative space there!

  • I love your storyboard. Maybe get some rain gear for your camera before you brave it near the paint? Hehe. 🙂 I think details really help tell a story and I love the focus on the artichokes on one of the dinner photos. 🙂