Taking Self Portraits

My personal challenge for this month’s Embrace the Camera was to experiment with different poses. Nearly all women I know are skittish in front of the camera because we dread the unflattering picture. So, prepared with a Pinterest board full of posing guides for photographers, I waited for all the kids to go down for naps. I then grabbed my tripod, camera and newly fixed 50mm lens (yea!) and hoped on the bed. I tried many different poses; even the ones that made me feel silly. Most of the were deleted as soon as I uploaded them but I actually liked a couple of shots.

Self Portraits - Color Photography

I’ve also been wanting to experiment with black and white photographs so I took another shot I liked and tried converting it using some lessons learned from Stacey Haslem of Clickin Moms. Whatcha think?

Self Portraits - Black and White Photography