Shallow DOF – CM Monthly Challenge (June)

Time for another round of Clickin Moms monthly challenge. Last month we focused on Beautiful Ugly. This month, our theme was shallow depth of field. For any non-photographers reading this, depth of field (DOF) is the area of the picture that is in focus. A wide DOF would have the entire photo in focus, while the shallow DOF has just he tiniest margin of focus. So, I thought I’d give you “shallow” a view of our trip to the local farmers market. According to my boy, this is a true farmers market because they let you ride horses. Apparently, it’s the horses that make it real, never mind the beautiful limes or other fresh fruit.

Farmers Market - Erica Faith Photography Farmers Market Limes - Erica Faith Photography

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  • deb moll

    Great images, Erica! I especially love the composition of the first one.