Time for another round of Clickin Moms monthly challenge. Last month we focused on Beautiful Ugly. This month, our theme was shallow depth of field. For any non-photographers reading this, depth of field (DOF) is the area of the picture that is in focus. A wide DOF would have the entire photo in focus, while the shallow DOF has just he tiniest margin of focus. So, I thought I’d give you “shallow” a view of our trip to the local farmers market. According to my boy, this is a true farmers market because they let you ride horses. Apparently, it’s the horses that make it real, never mind the beautiful limes or other fresh fruit.

Farmers Market - Erica Faith Photography Farmers Market Limes - Erica Faith Photography

As before, when you’re finished here, please hop on over to the next blog in our little circle: Deb Moll.

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  • deb moll

    Great images, Erica! I especially love the composition of the first one.