Project 52 – Week One – Runners Up

I wanted to share what did not make my top pick for the beginning of Project 52. I love each of the following photos for the stories they tell and the composition. However, each of the photographs have flaws and since I want to share my family’s story here as well as improve as a photographer, I thought I would also share these photos.

Grammy walking with Miss Punzel
Miss Punzel and Grammy

I love seeing little people interacting with their loved ones. A psychologist may say that’s because I have so few photographs of my own grandparents. Anyway, this wonderful picture didn’t make the top slot solely because of the stop sign protruding out of Grammy’s head. Can’t have that can we? Oh, and the focus is slightly off. Notice the sign is in focus but not the toddler?

Papa walking with T Rex
T Rex walking with Papa

This was sooo close to my top pic. I love how short T Rex looks compared to his Papa, how their outfits match, and even how the background is so blurry. However, little T Rex is slightly blurry and the plants are in perfect focus. Not quite what I wanted.

Grammy baking with Miss Punzel
Grammy baking with Miss Punzel

Finally, the top runner up. I loved the story told here and the concentration on each of their faces. I especially love seeing the family resemblance. And yet, it wasn’t the final choice because as Miss Punzel’s mom, I was too distracted by her new haircut.

So, the three nearly best photos this week. I linked up to two other Project 52 groups (Click It Up a Notch and Photography Essentials With Kent Weakley) and am excited to see what others are posting. Check them out… But then come back here.

  • It is hard to get everything just perfect in one photo! These are good attempts and will still give you good memories. It will be fun to see us all improve this year!