Project 52 – TWO

Kids Making Memories
Metadata: f/4, 1/20, ISO 1600

These are such lively little people. They were so excited to help and kept trying to sit in each cubby as it was finished. Miss Punzel even found room for her “kittens.” I know that I’ll always laugh at the memory of them helping carry the finished bookshelf down the hallway. They even hoped that I’d let them sleep in a cubby tonight. Just think; I could have thirteen more kids if they each slept in a cubby since we already have one of these Expedits in Miss Punzel’s room.

  • Allison

    Dude. I thought you were crazy when you were going to have enough children to fill up your mini-van. Now you have cubbies to fill?! Except the ones you have are so darned cute . . .

  • Cute!