Project 52 – TWENTY NINE

My littlest has finally learned how to sit up! One morning, I got him to sit in the prettiest ray of light and took advantage of his inability to get out of a sitting position. He was so giggly that all my shots of his smiles are too blurry to share. So, here’s his serious side.

In other news, I’m trying a matte style for my photos again. I am still drawn to the soft, creamy feel of these images. A matte edit brings down the deep blacks and creates a slight haze over the highlights. Try too much and it will look like a bad Instagram filter. Please if I have gone too far with these, tell me quick.

Matte - Erica Faith Photography

Matte Style - Erica Faith Photography


  • He’s adorable – love those bright eyes! I like matte processing too and I think this is done well. How far you go with it is really personal preference I think. I like a bit more black in mine but I think these are both great!

    • Thanks! Do you use matte for all your photos or just for select few?

      • I have a matte LR preset I made that I use on almost every image and then I adjust from there 🙂

  • Okay. That’s what I set up too. Thanks!

  • He is so cute Erica! I like your processing too 🙂 I love the focus on his eyelashes in the second- I love that perspective.

  • Oh gosh, I just want to squeeze his cheeks! You found a beautiful pocket of light!

  • Jennifer E B

    These are lovely! I don’t think you went too far. What a cutie!