Here’s a brief peek into how we entertain three little balls of energy.


Yoga for Kids – Youtube videos and my yoga mat provide lots of non-yoga fun.



Library Trip – I’m always experimenting with black and white conversion of my photos and street photography. Both are such intriguing types of photography when done right and while I haven’t found the secret recipe for either yet, it’s still fun to experiment. Here is our little trip to the downtown Claremont library. Bless them for having computers and toys.



Train Museum & Miniature Railroad at Pomona Fairplex – The kids love Thomas the Train. So, we thought they’d love to see the Rail Giants train museum and the Fairplex Garden Miniature Railroad. Plus they were free. Free is fun. Well, they did have fun… until the huge trains started blowing their horns. Miss Punzel refused to go inside any of the big trains on display. I could convince T Rex to join me if I asked him to be brave and I carried him. Sometimes Miss Punzel would then join us because “she was brave too.”