Project 52 – THREE – Eating Oranges

Project 52 - Daughter eating oranges
Metadata: ISO 800, f/2.2, 1/100

So, for the past week, I’ve been shooting all my pictures in RAW and then editing them slightly in Photoshop. The workflow is still pretty tedious but I love that I can fix the white balance and lighting. Hopefully I’ll find shortcuts to the process over time. I have also been shooting all pictures in Full Manual and for the first time, feel like I can actually control the final outcome. It’s so awesome to have a picture in my mind of what photo I want and to actually be able to capture that shot (well, most times). The only problem I have is when I’m attempting “high level of difficulty” shots, such as when the children are playing under the dining table after dinner. I can’t get enough light to illuminate what they’re doing without distracting their games.

Anyway, on to this shot. If you were to scan iphoto on my computer, you’d see lots of shots of the kids at the dining table. We have awesome morning and afternoon light there and they are somewhat still while eating, so I frequently pull out my camera. Here we have Miss Punzel eating Itty Bitty Oranges. Whenever I take portraits of my children, I often find myself focusing on their eyelashes. They just look so delicate and soft.