Project 52 – THIRTY TWO – Recent Favorites

This post is more random than most of my usual posts. I was organizing my photo library and came across some of my favorite images from the past month that I haven’t shared yet.

1. I caught the kids dancing in some backlit sun a couple of weeks ago. They are so carefree and innocent here.

Sunset dancing children - Erica Faith Photography

2. I asked. He said he was an “Astronaut Prince.” The sock are gloves that every prince must wear.

Astronaut Prince - Erica Faith Photography

3. We headed to the beach the other day and both kids finally played in the sand! That’s a big step for kids who usually complain whenever dirt or sand touches their skin.Beach sand - Erica Faith Photography

  • Adorable! I love how you can see the sand dropping out of her hands on the last one!