Project 52 – THIRTY SEVEN – Capturing Childhood

I’ve been thinking lately of the ability of photos to tell complete stories in one single image. This project that’s been going on for 37 weeks so far has been my attempt to really learn the science and art of photography. Part of that art of photography is figuring out my style. Post processing style as well as shooting style. Well, whenever I’m chasing my kids around with my camera, I noticed that I’m always thinking to myself: “What story am I trying to capture here?” As I was browsing some of the images I’ve captured this past summer, I noticed that I’m often taking pictures low to the ground, or focusing on the kids’ tiny hands or eyelashes, or even taking pictures of just their toys. I’m aware of how much of this childhood that they won’t remember and I guess I feel a sense of responsibility to capture their childhood for them. So, I gathered up a bunch of photos I’ve taken during the summer that I thought best captured my kids’ childhood thus far. Here’s my best attempt at a slideshow. It’s supposed to follow a “Day in the Life” of their little world. Enjoy and if it doesn’t work for you, please let me know.

  • Kristen

    Just beautiful, Erica. So amazing. I have chills. They will love seeing these photos all their lives. Can you come document life at my house? : )

    • That’s so sweet Kristen! I’d love to come to your house, but you should know that it took all summer to capture these images. 🙂 Still, we should still get the kids together sometime for a playdate/photo session.