Project 52 – TEN – System Overload

So, I hit overload this week in photography knowledge. It’s been ten weeks since I started this project. Ten weeks since I’ve been shooting almost everyday with my fancy camera and nice lenses. Also, ten weeks since I’ve been poring over the wealth of information in the Clickin Moms forums. I’ve been learning about techniques like Back Button Focusing, how the three parts of exposure work together (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), backlighting, how to best shoot in low light, how to best shoot active toddlers, how to to process pictures in Lightroom and on and on. My brain – probably also as a result of poor sleep from, you know, taking care of three small children – has shut down.

This week’s photo was a toss up. I was going to post a picture of my T Rex mid-tantrum but Miss Punzel got an even better picture of him using her little kid toy camera. So, here is my best picture: Little Bear at his 4 month checkup. I wanted to remember how small he is and how cold and sterile that doctor’s office is. Compositionally, there are many things wrong with this picture, but just remember  – Mom of three here with little sleep and not enough caffeine. 🙂

Doctors Office Weigh In - Erica Faith Photography

And just for fun, here’s Miss Punzel’s picture taken with the VTech Kidizoom camera. Enjoy!

Angry little man hands - Erica Faith Photography