Project 52 – SIXTEEN

I am in awe at how much energy my little gal has. She is sooo different from the rest of in this house with her bubbly spirit from early morning until she finally falls asleep at night. She loves singing and dancing and will almost always perform when asked. Much different from Mr. T Rex who will never perform when asked, not even if he was just doing the exact activity we want to see again . One of Miss Punzel’s favorite “dances” these days is a series of frozen dance poses. She’ll stick her tongue out, wave her arms over her head, bend her legs, cock her head and freeze. Then she’ll assume some other yoga or 80’s dance pose and freeze again. All to the giggles of her favorite audience: the baby.

So, I finally replaced some of her too-small dresses and hoped to get a few pictures of her in them and smiling a normal smile. And, thanks to some advice from the ClickinMoms tutorials, I knew just how to do it: Ask her to squeeze and pop her cheeks and then capture the laughing smiles in between.



And, here’s the final one. Ignore the picture frame. I took a series of these before I noticed and removed the frame behind her.041713-4

  • Allison Fore

    Love that girl! Beautiful pics, as always!

  • Thanks sis!