Project 52 – FOUR – Yummy Toes and Squishy Bellies

With each week’s Project 52, I usually try to follow the prompts given by Paint the Moon. This week’s theme was A Different Perspective. I saw my opportunity when Miss Punzel asked me to paint her nails both pink and purple.

Project 52 - A different Perspective

I also had to include in this week’s post one of the latest shots of my littlest man. Don’t you just love squishy baby bellies?

Project 52 - A Different Perspective

So, on to my final set of shots. I keep seeing in others’ newborn photoshoots that they put the babies on fuzzy rugs. Though I don’t have a fuzzy rug, I do have a nice cozy blanket we call the cloud. So, I draped it over his bouncer and then tried for 15 minutes to get the big siblings to kiss him on the cheek. They never did, but I did get these cute pictures. Sorry for the fuzziness; I’m still working on my technique.

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot

Stepping back, here is what was happening inches from my little model.

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot
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  • Kat

    That last shot is perfect! It’s okay that you didn’t get the kisses you were looking for. There is such intimacy in that shot … and love in your little guy’s eyes.