Project 52 – FORTY FOUR – Halloween and Birthday recaps

My youngest turned one the other week. Since he’s the third child, he has to suffer through being dragged to all the older kids’ activities, naps cut short, naps in car seats and generally having to wait his turn. So, I wanted to do something just for him to help us remember his very first birthday.

I had my two photographer assistants carry the basket and balloons to the grass. My older boy even found a way to get into a picture or two. First Birthday Hot Air Balloons - Erica Faith Photography

That’s my older boy, again, crash testing the balloon.First Birthday Hot Air Balloons - Erica Faith Photography

And… this is the best sibling picture I could get. No eye contact and two boys moments before meltdowns. 🙂First Birthday Hot Air Balloons - Erica Faith Photography


I also had this great idea to set up a backdrop in my garage and attempt a cake smash photoshoot. I know most one year olds don’t care for cake and I didn’t expect much from this guy, but I figured it would be a good chance to practice garage lighting and to share a cupcake with everyone.First Birthday Cake Smash - Erica Faith PhotographyFirst Birthday Cake Smash - Erica Faith PhotographyFirst Birthday Cake Smash with siblings - Erica Faith Photography

He was a lot happier when I traded out the cupcake for a dinosaur.First Birthday Cake Smash - Erica Faith Photography


Finally, Halloween happened. This year the kids had several opportunities to wear their costumes: preschool parade, daytime party with our local mom friends, grocery store trip and trick or treating with friends.

Here is the zookeeper modeling the latest in uniform-wear. Halloween Zookeeper - Erica Faith Photography

And the ballerina flamingo on parade with the other preschoolers.Halloween Ballerina Flamingo - Erica Faith PhotographyHalloween Ballerina Flamingo - Erica Faith Photography

  • Allison

    O’s costume is great . . . I may think about a zookeeper/animal combo for my boys next year . . . hmmm. But H’s costume is THE BEST! I love the hat! Did you DIY it? And she can do ballerina/whatever costumes FOREVER. Genius!

    • ewalker

      Yeah, you can borrow the zookeeper vest anytime. It’s so big it’ll fit the boys for years. As for the flamingo hat, I did add the eyes & beak to a pink hat we already had. She’s been wearing it ever since Halloween so I may leave them there and get her a new winter hat.