Project 52 – FIVE – Focus

I recently noticed that a major difference between my photographs and those of professionals’ is focus. That is, pictures by the pros always seem to be so sharp and clear while mine are somewhat soft or even out of focus. So, this week I devoted myself of focusing on nailing the focus. I know that the fancier pro cameras are sharper and their lens are clearer, but my Canon Rebel XT is plenty capable of capturing a picture in focus.

All week I practiced. Since the rain earlier in the week kept us inside, most of my pics are blurry but yesterday, the clouds parted. I waited until afternoon naps were over and then scooted everyone outside to play in the setting sun. Miss Punzel refused to wear a jacket so I made her run to stay warm. The circles she was running around me and the house gave me plenty of opportunity to work on back button focusing and my general technique.

Miss Punzel is in Focus
Left: ISO 200, f/4.5, 1/400                                                  Right: ISO 200, f/4.5, 1/250

These next two shots were taken while she ran laps around me. I tried to set focus a couple of feet in front of me and just kept shooting while she ran. Even though the setting sun produced too much haze, I still love them.


Running Circles Around Mama

Finally, I have to add these shots. I was able to capture a rare natural smile by hubby on camera as well as a shot of him imitating Little Bear’s face. Too cute!

Natural smiles

This Is Our Life - A 52 Week Lifestyle Photo Project by Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

  • Jennifer E B

    Pretty haze, and nice work on the focus on those first ones! Nailing focus with moving kids is HARD!