Project 52 – ELEVEN – A simple daily routine

6:05 AM – Up with the baby and the sunPeach Tree at sunrise

6:30 AM – T Rex wakes up singing about climbing trees “like a monkey dooos”031313-3

6:45 AM – Miss Punzel does not want to wake up but finally caves to some cuddles with mama and little brothers.031313-2

7:00 AM – Breakfast of raspberry fingers and french toast


After breakfast, we dress quickly, race to find socks, shoes, and preschool homework (!!!) and get to preschool by 9am. Then it’s my time to spend with my boys running errands, folding laundry, and a million of other things that somehow occupy my time.

After preschool is my favorite 1.5 hour time of the day – NAPTIME.

Later, since the weather is so warm, we head outside for some playing in the sprinklers…

Sprinklers - Erica Faith Photography

and some avoiding of the sprinklers.

Sitting - Erica Faith Photography

After playing around, we find something that almost everyone will eat for dinner. And then it’s finally bedtime.

Brushing Teeth - Erica Faith Photography

Thanks for making it this far and sharing our uneventful day with us. I’ll try to plan some more adventurous activity to spice up this blog a bit. 🙂