Project 52 – EIGHT – How to Celebrate the First Day of Preschool

Miss Punzel started preschool this week. For the next 18+ years she will be in school. Good thing for her school includes playdough and crayons. To celebrate her first day of preschool, I walked the town with my younger boys. While my baby napped in the stroller, my sweet and quiet middle child and I ate pastries from the local bakery, went to the library, window shopped at the toy store, and even played in these fun bike racks. The best part was that he wanted to hold my hand the entire time and yet always referred to himself as a Big Boy.

Touring the Town with T Rex - Erica Faith Photography Touring the Town with T Rex - Erica Faith PhotographyLater, after we picked up Miss Punzel, ate lunch and put everyone down for a nap, I experimented with photographing my littlest boy from different angles. I read somewhere that when taking pictures of babies, try not to shoot “up the nose.” The goal is to make the nostrils look more like lines instead of circles. So, in a darkened room and using only light from the bathroom skylight nearby, I think I got a good shot.

Sleeping Baby - Erica Faith Photography

This last shot of Miss Punzel is here just because I thought it was pretty.

Hand on swing - Erica Faith Photography