Project 52 – TWENTY SEVEN – Just the Men

Big sister spent the week with Grammy and Papa and we got to see how easy life is with only two children at home. When asked what park he wanted to go to first, big brother insisted on “Train Park!” Here he is going confidently in the direction of his dreams!
Marching off - Erica Faith Photography

He called “All aboard!” and is waiting for the train to drive off.Park - Erica Faith Photography

Park - Erica Faith Photography

He wasn’t so enthusiastic, however, about going to the beach. He walked on the sand the entire way from the car to the towels while complaining about the sand in his shoes. Later, I couldn’t get him to leave the towel or go anywhere near the water unless I was carrying him. I do love the sweet cuddly nature of this big boy.
Beach toddler - Erica Faith Photography

Huntington Beach - Erica Faith Photography Huntington Beach - Erica Faith Photography

Baby bro did have a blast and left Huntington Beach with sand in every crevice of his body.Erica Faith Photography

And, just for comparison’s sake, here’s a shot of Big Brother around the same age at a different beach.

Morro Bay Beach - Erica Faith Photography

  • Sweet boys! I love Baby Owen’s suspicious eyes at the ocean in the last picture, too. 🙂

    • Erica Walker

      Yea, he’s fine as long as his toes don’t touch sand or water. Wearing socks & shoes, being carried, or just sitting in the van are all acceptable options.

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