Mobile – CM Monthly Challenge (July)

The theme in this month’s CM Monthly Challenge was mobile phones. I have one of the world’s worst cell phone cameras with only 3mp, very limited auto focus and little metering abilities so it was definitely a challenge creating photographs that I would be willing to share on this blog. I mainly use my camera phone to captures moments when I’m without my DSLR or to practice my composition in situations where lighting isn’t an issue. So, here’s a smattering of photos from my measly little camera phone that I actually liked.

Childrens Museum - Erica Faith Photography

Baby Eyelashes - Erica Faith Photography

Baby Eyelashes - Erica Faith Photography

Swim Class - Erica Faith Photography

Now, please head on over to Deb Moll’s blog to see her awesome mobile phone photographs.

  • Deb Moll

    I love the closeup of eyelashes! Amazing detail and texture you’ve captured on an adorable little boy.

  • awesome! love the colors in the first picture…and agree with deb- love those lashes!

  • The photo of those eyelashes just makes me melt! I can’t get over how clear these images are!

    • Thanks! My phone camera does actually have a decent macro feature (in good light).