This little guy is so full of personality. He’s chill and relaxed whenever we are out in public. He’s giggly and laughing at his own antics. He’s cuddly at night. My newest favorite development of his are the games he now plays. He’ll throw toys on the ground and giggle when I pick them up. He’ll lightly head bump my chest and I’ll head bump him back… to more giggles. And he’ll now try to mimic some of my sounds… Read more »

I’ve been thinking lately of the ability of photos to tell complete stories in one single image. This project that’s been going on for 37 weeks so far has been my attempt to really learn the science and art of photography. Part of that art of photography is figuring out my style. Post processing style as well as shooting style. Well, whenever I’m chasing my kids around with my camera, I noticed that I’m always thinking to myself: “What story… Read more »

  This little guy loves to have his picture taken, unlike my two older kids who hide and pout when I point the camera their way. So, this morning, I sat next to the window in some perty light and simply waited until he scooted on over.   Um, yes. His world is in color sometimes.    

We found ourselves at Morro Bay on a recent foggy morning. A small surfing contest was gathering a crowd but my kids were more interested in the dead seagull they found and the many other dirty things that they could throw or eat.

Here’s my first attempt at star photography. My husband and I went out late last night to catch some of the Perseid Meteor shower on camera. We didn’t succeed in getting any shooting stars on camera, but I did capture a gorgeous clear night sky. We went way out of town down some bumpy country roads and then walked down a dirt path for a few minutes. Next time I’ll try to remember to bring the flashlight for that walking… Read more »

This post is more random than most of my usual posts. I was organizing my photo library and came across some of my favorite images from the past month that I haven’t shared yet. 1. I caught the kids dancing in some backlit sun a couple of weeks ago. They are so carefree and innocent here. 2. I asked. He said he was an “Astronaut Prince.” The sock are gloves that every prince must wear. 3. We headed to the… Read more »

This baby is has now been a part of this world longer than he cooked inside of me. For anyone who is curious, this photo idea was not mine. I found it on Pinterest but can’t find the original photographer. If anyone knows of the source of the original idea, please let me know.

It’s a right of passage as a parent to have your children help you wash your car. These two were so giddy that they got to help. Just a tip though for other parents, make sure you’re also wearing a swimsuit. ***** The bond between these two is so sweet. Whenever we’re out at a park, big brother is almost always playing on the picnic blanket near his little brother and Little Brother’s face always lights up when he seeing… Read more »

My littlest has finally learned how to sit up! One morning, I got him to sit in the prettiest ray of light and took advantage of his inability to get out of a sitting position. He was so giggly that all my shots of his smiles are too blurry to share. So, here’s his serious side. In other news, I’m trying a matte style for my photos again. I am still drawn to the soft, creamy feel of these images…. Read more »