Big man here got to try riding a balance bike last week. I think he could walk faster than he rode and spent a good deal of time leaning side to side and yelling that the bike was wobbly. 🙂   I couldn’t resist sharing a recent family picture that my brother captured for us. My baby lives in that carrier every day and for every outing. I love that we have this picture to remember this time.

My youngest turned one the other week. Since he’s the third child, he has to suffer through being dragged to all the older kids’ activities, naps cut short, naps in car seats and generally having to wait his turn. So, I wanted to do something just for him to help us remember his very first birthday. I had my two photographer assistants carry the basket and balloons to the grass. My older boy even found a way to get into… Read more »

  Well, I made it 42 weeks into this project before forgetting a week. My youngest turned 1 last week. Can I use that as my excuse? When picking up my two older kids from preschool recently, we noticed that the new climbing structure was built. My boy ran over there and actually asked me to take his picture! He thought it was great for sitting on, but wasn’t too sure about its climbing functions. At last, he decided to… Read more »

Baby Hair - Erica Faith Photography

  Just one shot to remember the tiny wispy baby hair and the soft fuzz on the back of his neck. Someday he’ll be taller than me and won’t let me pet the back of his head or comb my fingers through his hair. This is to remind me of the baby I once had that was so delicate and tender.

Twice a day we get really pretty light in our backyard. At sunrise on recent morning, I enticed my boy outside to show off his “Captain Baby.” He even obliged me with one of his adorable smirks.   And, of course, some boxes/cars/airplanes made their appearance. Off to another corner of the yard at sunset for some more pretty light.

This is a smile he usually reserves for his siblings. I can get my little mister to giggle and sometimes to laugh, but when his two older siblings bounce or dance around him, this guy just lights up. And, that is how I know that he has six teeth! Also, for those photographically curious, here’s a tip. This photo was taken in our garage. For some amazing light on your subjects, let them up right at the edge of the… Read more »