My baby has decided that 4:30am is a good time to wake up and play. I figured if that he’s going to force me to be awake with him, the least he could do is model for me while I practice backlighting. Don’t mind that yawn, he’s not really tired. Yep, that’s how I look when I wake up at 4:30am too. Big brother woke up and wanted in on the fun (with his car, naturally).      

I love the idea of bathing my littlest in our kitchen sink and wanted to try it before he got too big. If you look closely you’ll see a towel under him since I didn’t want to actually get him wet and slippery if I was taking pictures. Anyway, isn’t this light beautiful? And isn’t my baby gorg? 

Time for some new portraits of the crew. Favorite colors: Pink and Purple! (often worn together in many varied hues) Favorite tv shows: the princess ones Largest $10 word she can pronounce: Antagonize ***** Favorite colors: Green and Blue Favorite animal: Puppies Likes: All carbohydrates Dislikes: Long walks on the beach ***** Favorite time of the day: 6:00 am Favorite sound: Metal toys clanging together Likes: Being tickled, stealing his big siblings’ toys Dislikes: Putting on shirts

When I just had my first child, a friend brought over a batch of Oatmeal Cookies. She said that they were Lactation Cookies to keep up my milk supply for my nursing baby. Since I need no encouragement to eat desserts, I soon started experimenting with lots of different recipes to create the perfectly chewy, thick, flavorful oatmeal cookie. Four years later, I found the perfect recipe. But, I now avoid dairy since my third baby is somewhat intolerant to… Read more »

Here are a few recent black and white conversions. I’m very slowly learning to see light. Not just the brightness of a room, but how the light comes across the floor and where the shadow are and even how strong or soft the light it. So, took these shots knowing I wanted to see them in black and white to really see how the light affects the story or mood of the shot.