We’ve got some more directional light this week, also from a window. This time, however, I closed all the windows in this room and only slightly cracked open one to the front-left of my boy (left of the bed in the pictures). Β The fun thing about window light is the strong fall-off. The light really close to the window is very strong but it gets dark very quickly. This is called the Inverse Square Law for those photography theory nerds…. Read more »

In addition to illuminating a subject, light can be used to create interest. Continuing this week’s focus on directional light, I looked around our home for some softer light to play with. The kids and I finally found some in our bathroom. Too bad it’s such an unsafe place for kids to play because the light there is always gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Here is us having some fun with the shower curtain as afternoon light pours in the window.

This year is all about light. Photography is about harnessing light and shadow to convey feelings or represent reality (or fantasy). What I learned during last year’s photo-a-week project is that if I want to grow as a photographer than I must learn all about different types and quality of light and how to manipulate light for my intended photographic vision. This month I’m focusing on directional light. Directional light is simply light that is stronger on one side of… Read more »