I found a recipe for Sea Salt Spray and wanted to try it on my hair. It’s supposed to add some light curls and bounciness to my hair; sort of like it gets after staying all day at the beach. Verdict? Good Hair Day! Also, when I was playing with the camera timer, my little photographer’s assistant woke up from her nap and decided to make the picture much more colorful!

So, I’m another year older. But it’s all good news because for the past few weeks I actually thought I was a year older than that. I had somehow convinced myself that I was 37. And I just turned 36! Yay, I’m getting younger! Anyway, I had a lovely date with my man in Brea where I got to test out my newest lens; a Sigma 30mm f/1.4. I may even have skipped up to the postal worker when he… Read more »

Here are my favorite shots of the week. I love that I was able to capture the kids with one set of their grandparents this week. I remember fondly the few photos my parents have my myself and my grandparents so it’s such an honor to capture these shots for my own kids. And, finally here I am embracing the skinny jean trend. Trend-setter I am not.    

My personal challenge for this month’s Embrace the Camera was to experiment with different poses. Nearly all women I know are skittish in front of the camera because we dread the unflattering picture. So, prepared with a Pinterest board full of posing guides for photographers, I waited for all the kids to go down for naps. I then grabbed my tripod, camera and newly fixed 50mm lens (yea!) and hoped on the bed. I tried many different poses; even the… Read more »

I want my children to remember what I look like. Unfortunately, though my computer is filled with pictures of them and other family members, I am frequently absent. So, I resolve this year to get in front of the camera more often. Sometimes this means that I’ll hand the camera to Miss Punzel (age 3.5) as in this picture. Other times it’ll mean that I set the camera on a tripod (or even a rock) and set the timer like… Read more »