Welcome to another round of Kids Were Here: a walk through my house capturing what my children leave behind. Here’s what a typical day looks like … Morning: The sun coming in the window makes me notice the cart of art supplies that I’m always replenishing.   Morning: My daughter declared that she needed to make a house for Lamby, her treasured and stinky stuffed lamb. She was very particular about the house being pointed (“like real houses”) and that… Read more »

Here’s a flashback to Valentine’s week (yup, it’s a week in our house). We had rocket ship valentines, snowman valentines and, for some reason, mice valentines. Of course I was the hired hand to draw all the outlines.   And, here’s a quick shot of our show area, with extra wall smudges.   Check out last months entry. Or follow along through the blog circle to Jennifer German.

I was surprised to discover that 3 year old boy has a love for stuffed animals. A while ago we got him a little jaguar that he named “Jaggy” and took him to bed each night. Shortly after, he added “Reindy,” “Diny” and other stuffed animals (and monsters). These are the usual crew in his bed, but he sometimes add another animal, paper airplane or lego creation too. He even makes sure that they’re all under the covers too. I… Read more »

This month’s challenge was much harder than it initially seemed. We were instructed to humanize a non-human. That could be a doll, plant, anything. I gathered all the cute little toys scattered on the floors and practiced. I took (and deleted) many pictures of toys trying to be human but they mostly looked like all the other toys scattered everywhere. I did have some luck out in the garage where I found some pretty light and a favorite soft bunny…. Read more »

Regular readers of this blog (Hi, Allison and Jen) will hopefully recognize my attempts to use photography to tell stories. Most of these stories show how little my children are, or tell about their childhood. Using photos to tell stories requires thinking like a journalist and using the Who, What, When, Where and Why in creating the photo. Some photographer friends recently decided to do a four week study of telling stories through photography. This week, our first week, had… Read more »

The theme in this month’s CM Monthly Challenge was mobile phones. I have one of the world’s worst cell phone cameras with only 3mp, very limited auto focus and little metering abilities so it was definitely a challenge creating photographs that I would be willing to share on this blog. I mainly use my camera phone to captures moments when I’m without my DSLR or to practice my composition in situations where lighting isn’t an issue. So, here’s a smattering… Read more »

Time for another round of Clickin Moms monthly challenge. Last month we focused on Beautiful Ugly. This month, our theme was shallow depth of field. For any non-photographers reading this, depth of field (DOF) is the area of the picture that is in focus. A wide DOF would have the entire photo in focus, while the shallow DOF has just he tiniest margin of focus. So, I thought I’d give you “shallow” a view of our trip to the local… Read more »

I recently joined a blog circle of ladies from the Clickinmoms photography forum. Each month we are given a theme to guide us when taking photographs throughout the month. We then each create a blog post on that theme on our own blog that also links to someone else in the blog circle. If you follow all the links, you’ll end up back here. This month’s theme is Beautiful Ugly. Well, with toddlers running amok in this house, there is… Read more »