My light study continues into March with a focus on Black and White. It is really fun to photograph for black and white. I get to pay close attention to how the light is helping tell the story of my photo and how the different color tones present either help or hinder as well. So, welcome to a new theme in my year of light study.

Crying toddler - Erica Faith Photography

Black and White - Erica Faith Photography

Here’s a flashback to Valentine’s week (yup, it’s a week in our house). We had rocket ship valentines, snowman valentines and, for some reason, mice valentines. Of course I was the hired hand to draw all the outlines.Kids Were Here - February - Erica Faith Photography


And, here’s a quick shot of our show area, with extra wall smudges.Kids Were Here - February - Erica Faith Photography


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The last week of diffused light.

1. Outside on an overcast day. I heard that flat light is supposedly good for portraits so I wanted to try one of my kids. For this shot, I also tried framing her with the design of the quilt.Diffused light on a quilt - Erica Faith Photography


2. Inside with diffused morning light coming through the windows.

Diffused light and drawing - Erica Faith Photography

Diffused light and drawing - Erica Faith Photography

Diffused light and drawing - Erica Faith Photography


Yep, still playing around with diffused light. I am really missing dramatic light right about now. But, I did find some shots this week that I’m especially proud to share. First off is my girl in a box, because how else does anyone watch cartoons?

Diffused light and boxes - Erica Faith Photography



Hey! I’m learning to braid hair!!! Here’s my first ever french braid on my girl, and yes, it did fall out about 30 minutes later. 🙂Diffused light and braids - Erica Faith Photography


And now to the diffused light. As you might be able to tell, we have four rooms pouring light into our hallway but the light is always diffused, either from glazed windows to the windows themselves being around a corner and across the room. But, even so, the hallway is always a nice source of bright light. Here we are making a fort tunnel.Diffused light and forts - Erica Faith Photography

Diffused light and forts - Erica Faith Photography

Diffused light and forts - Erica Faith Photography

Diffused light and forts - Erica Faith Photography


It’s a new month and a new light technique. In February, I’ll be working with diffused light. This could be light tempered behind curtains, hazy or cloudy days, overcast or rainy skys and flat light. I hear that it’s great light for taking portraits because of the lack of harsh shadows. However, I’m already noticing that my style of photography usually involves some distinct shadowing to draw the viewer’s eye.

So, here are my first experiments with flat light from an overcast day. In the first image, there are obviously a few shadows because we were inside but the light is pretty uninteresting. The second image is very flat and proved a challenge when I started editing because I kept trying to find shadows to boost. Hmm, well, I have a month to conquer diffused light. 🙂

Diffused Light - Erica Faith Photography

Diffused Light - Erica Faith Photography

Window light, overcast days, flat light, rainy, hazy sky

I was surprised to discover that 3 year old boy has a love for stuffed animals. A while ago we got him a little jaguar that he named “Jaggy” and took him to bed each night. Shortly after, he added “Reindy,” “Diny” and other stuffed animals (and monsters). These are the usual crew in his bed, but he sometimes add another animal, paper airplane or lego creation too. He even makes sure that they’re all under the covers too. I wish I could bottle up this totally sweet habit.

Kids Were Here - Erica Faith Photography

Kids Were Here - Erica Faith Photography

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At last, my last week on directional light. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using window light (side light generally) so I wanted to challenge myself a bit. I spent the whole week looking for top light (noon pics, anyone?), bottom light (totally unflattering on people) and finally found something fun.

Here are two different types of light. First is top light – sunny day at noon at the park. You can see the lack of shadows on his face and the darker shadow underneath him. He happened to also be sitting in shade so he didn’t need to squint too much to look up.

Directional light - Erica Faith Photography

If I were to choose my preferred light, I definitely don’t prefer shooting at high noon. The contrast is usually too strong for my preferred type of “happy child shots” and the top light from the sun usually means that people’s eyes are in the shadows or that they’re squinting from the sun.



Second is my more “artsy” submission. This is side light from a window way across the room. I like how it only highlights his chubby baby cheeks.Directional light - Erica Faith Photography