Project 52-Six - Erica Faith Photography

Metadata: ISO 3200, f4.0, 1/50

It’s been a long week. I broke my new 50mm lens on Friday. I tried shooting with my other lenses but couldn’t embrace the minimum f4.0 or f5.6 of those lens. It’s just too hard to take any decent shot with those lens on my little ol’ Rebel XTi that wasn’t pitch black or riddled with noise. So, the shot this week is aimed to capture a fun moment; not to challenge my photography skills. In case you couldn’t figure it out, T Rex here is rinsing out baby doll’s dirty diaper. The next picture is the result of my lens breaking – Miss Punzel got her very own camera so she would stop asking to use mine.

Project 52-6 - Erica Faith Photography

I recently noticed that a major difference between my photographs and those of professionals’ is focus. That is, pictures by the pros always seem to be so sharp and clear while mine are somewhat soft or even out of focus. So, this week I devoted myself of focusing on nailing the focus. I know that the fancier pro cameras are sharper and their lens are clearer, but my Canon Rebel XT is plenty capable of capturing a picture in focus.

All week I practiced. Since the rain earlier in the week kept us inside, most of my pics are blurry but yesterday, the clouds parted. I waited until afternoon naps were over and then scooted everyone outside to play in the setting sun. Miss Punzel refused to wear a jacket so I made her run to stay warm. The circles she was running around me and the house gave me plenty of opportunity to work on back button focusing and my general technique.

Miss Punzel is in Focus

Left: ISO 200, f/4.5, 1/400                                                  Right: ISO 200, f/4.5, 1/250

These next two shots were taken while she ran laps around me. I tried to set focus a couple of feet in front of me and just kept shooting while she ran. Even though the setting sun produced too much haze, I still love them.


Running Circles Around Mama

Finally, I have to add these shots. I was able to capture a rare natural smile by hubby on camera as well as a shot of him imitating Little Bear’s face. Too cute!

Natural smiles

This Is Our Life - A 52 Week Lifestyle Photo Project by Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

With each week’s Project 52, I usually try to follow the prompts given by Paint the Moon. This week’s theme was A Different Perspective. I saw my opportunity when Miss Punzel asked me to paint her nails both pink and purple.

Project 52 - A different Perspective

I also had to include in this week’s post one of the latest shots of my littlest man. Don’t you just love squishy baby bellies?

Project 52 - A Different Perspective

So, on to my final set of shots. I keep seeing in others’ newborn photoshoots that they put the babies on fuzzy rugs. Though I don’t have a fuzzy rug, I do have a nice cozy blanket we call the cloud. So, I draped it over his bouncer and then tried for 15 minutes to get the big siblings to kiss him on the cheek. They never did, but I did get these cute pictures. Sorry for the fuzziness; I’m still working on my technique.

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot

Stepping back, here is what was happening inches from my little model.

Three Siblings Mini Photoshoot
This Is Our Life - A 52 Week Lifestyle Photo Project by Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

I want my children to remember what I look like. Unfortunately, though my computer is filled with pictures of them and other family members, I am frequently absent. So, I resolve this year to get in front of the camera more often. Sometimes this means that I’ll hand the camera to Miss Punzel (age 3.5) as in this picture.

Embrace the Camera

Other times it’ll mean that I set the camera on a tripod (or even a rock) and set the timer like this photo.

Embrace the camera

In any case, I’m excited to start this collection of pictures with me in them. I’m thankful for the Anderson Family Crew for giving me the reminder to set in front of the camera in the first place.

Project 52 - Daughter eating oranges

Metadata: ISO 800, f/2.2, 1/100

So, for the past week, I’ve been shooting all my pictures in RAW and then editing them slightly in Photoshop. The workflow is still pretty tedious but I love that I can fix the white balance and lighting. Hopefully I’ll find shortcuts to the process over time. I have also been shooting all pictures in Full Manual and for the first time, feel like I can actually control the final outcome. It’s so awesome to have a picture in my mind of what photo I want and to actually be able to capture that shot (well, most times). The only problem I have is when I’m attempting “high level of difficulty” shots, such as when the children are playing under the dining table after dinner. I can’t get enough light to illuminate what they’re doing without distracting their games.

Anyway, on to this shot. If you were to scan iphoto on my computer, you’d see lots of shots of the kids at the dining table. We have awesome morning and afternoon light there and they are somewhat still while eating, so I frequently pull out my camera. Here we have Miss Punzel eating Itty Bitty Oranges. Whenever I take portraits of my children, I often find myself focusing on their eyelashes. They just look so delicate and soft.

Kids Making Memories

Metadata: f/4, 1/20, ISO 1600

These are such lively little people. They were so excited to help and kept trying to sit in each cubby as it was finished. Miss Punzel even found room for her “kittens.” I know that I’ll always laugh at the memory of them helping carry the finished bookshelf down the hallway. They even hoped that I’d let them sleep in a cubby tonight. Just think; I could have thirteen more kids if they each slept in a cubby since we already have one of these Expedits in Miss Punzel’s room.

T Rex as a Dinosaur

T Rex as a Dinosaur

I love this little guy. He was so excited to check the mail at the end of the driveway that he was roaring and galloping the entire way.

I wanted to share what did not make my top pick for the beginning of Project 52. I love each of the following photos for the stories they tell and the composition. However, each of the photographs have flaws and since I want to share my family’s story here as well as improve as a photographer, I thought I would also share these photos.

Grammy walking with Miss Punzel

Miss Punzel and Grammy

I love seeing little people interacting with their loved ones. A psychologist may say that’s because I have so few photographs of my own grandparents. Anyway, this wonderful picture didn’t make the top slot solely because of the stop sign protruding out of Grammy’s head. Can’t have that can we? Oh, and the focus is slightly off. Notice the sign is in focus but not the toddler?

Papa walking with T Rex

T Rex walking with Papa

This was sooo close to my top pic. I love how short T Rex looks compared to his Papa, how their outfits match, and even how the background is so blurry. However, little T Rex is slightly blurry and the plants are in perfect focus. Not quite what I wanted.

Grammy baking with Miss Punzel

Grammy baking with Miss Punzel

Finally, the top runner up. I loved the story told here and the concentration on each of their faces. I especially love seeing the family resemblance. And yet, it wasn’t the final choice because as Miss Punzel’s mom, I was too distracted by her new haircut.

So, the three nearly best photos this week. I linked up to two other Project 52 groups (Click It Up a Notch and Photography Essentials With Kent Weakley) and am excited to see what others are posting. Check them out… But then come back here.

Metadata: f/2.2, 1/3200, ISO 1600

I’ve been around “fancy” cameras my entire life and have owned my Canon Rebel EOS XT since 2006. I’ve dabbled in learning how to shoot in manual over the years but it never stuck. This time I have four very photogenic subjects doing very cute activities. So, this year is devoted to documenting the life of this family of five.

Project 52 – Each Wednesday I’ll post my favorite picture of the previous week. After 52 weeks, I should have a record of my family’s life as well as my growth as a photographer.

I’m starting Project 52 with a photo of the morning after Christmas. Little Bear is all of two months old and I’m tired of looking pregnant. Since I was awake after the 6:00 AM feeding anyway, I dragged anyone else who was awake (or woke him up in my husband’s case) for a very cold and foggy walk. Not in the picture was Little Bear since he was strapped to me in the Ergo and Miss Punzel who wanted to stay inside and be “Ballerina Girl” but decided to come at the last minute.

ISO 800 f/1.8 1/640

ISO 800 f/1.8 1/640

Introducing Erica Faith Photography, a blog I intend to use to document my growth as a photographer. I am a mom of three kids and they will play a huge roll in my photography and in this blog. I hope that with this blog I’ll be able to see improvement each week as well as document the lives of these three little people who changed my life so much.