We were rumored to get the storm of the year tomorrow. So, before we hunkered down inside with youtube, I thought it might be a good idea to run as much energy off outside as possible. I also happen to be testing my newest lens, an 85mm 1.8. Oh, what a dreamy lens!   I have taken hundreds of shots of the kids from the front yard. Why have I never thought of standing in this spot before? Behind the… Read more »

My youngest just turned two this weekend and we had a small family party that was just his size. Decorations were colored and arranged (in rainbow order of course) by the big siblings. Presents were also wrapped by big siblings and the cake decorated with “dirt” and random toys. Because, why not. 🙂 I especially liked our mid-morning party break so the birthday boy could go on a walk and the grandparents could watch old home movies. Finally, we got to the… Read more »

  I had a grand idea several months ago. I had some bamboo pole and some string and a patch full of weeds in the backyard that I decided to transform into a bean-covered teepee. I have next to no gardening experience or knowledge, but I tore out as many weeds as I could find and poked some peas in the ground around the little teepee. They grew! And sprouted flowers! And the flowers are now sugar snap peas! I hope the… Read more »

One of the great things I love about beaches near where I grew up are that the beaches are cold and overcast during the summer. I still enjoy the bright hot beaches of southern California but I also love the wild natural beaches on the Central Coast. This week we found a remote little cove that was perfect for my kids to wander around. I definitely want to go back whenever I visit the area.

My dear friend has joined the three kid club with the cutest little baby girl. I was so honored to be able to take some photos of her with her big siblings. Even looking through the computer screen, I still want to pinch those chubby cheeks and brush her hair. What a doll!

  A new month brings a new photography theme. April is all about morning light, embracing the color of it, the softness, it’s direction. So, I’ll be drinking a lot of caffeine really early this month and capturing some sweet images. Starting this month is with my favorite tree in our yard, the peach tree. The actual peaches are usually too small and bug-ridden, but the blooms are divine.   —– Some more morning light caught my littlest playing with… Read more »

  Welcome to another round of Kids Were Here: a walk through my house capturing what my children leave behind. Here’s what a typical day looks like … Morning: The sun coming in the window makes me notice the cart of art supplies that I’m always replenishing.   Morning: My daughter declared that she needed to make a house for Lamby, her treasured and stinky stuffed lamb. She was very particular about the house being pointed (“like real houses”) and that… Read more »