Selfie - Erica Faith PhotographyWelcome! I’m Erica. I’m a wife, mother to three little kids and a hobbyist photographer. I grew up seeing my dad take pictures on all our family vacations in our Winnebago and sat watching all the slideshows afterwards. Over the years, I’ve owned various point & shoot cameras and even a couple of Canon Rebels (film and digital version). Even so, most of the pictures of my first two children are blurry snapshots because I had no idea how to create pretty photographs.

Not until this year did I finally learn how to take photographs. I learned about the exposure triangle, the many ways light affects photos, white balance and composition. So, I put my Rebel XT out to pasture and got a 60D with a snazzy 30mm lens and am in love!

I love to capture all the moments as my children discover the world around them. From how their chubby little fingers grasp their toys to their awe at seeing jellyfish, seeing the world through their perspective is such a privilege.

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