I’ve shared a few of these images elsewhere, but I wanted to share all of my favorites. I got to meet the lovely Candice a few months ago when I asked on a local photographer’s facebook group if anyone wanted to swap family sessions. Candice quickly volunteered and we got to planning. She took some beautiful photos of my family and I was excited (and nervous) to swap places. Well, her family is just so gorgeous and sweet that every… Read more »

I was at my boy’s preschool last week for his 3rd (!!!) birthday celebration. While the kids were out playing, I was able to capture a few pictures of his wonderful room. I wish I were in preschool sometimes just so I could play in that room and hide in that burrow. I get giddy just looking at the amazing organization, the labeled buckets of toys and craft stuff everywhere. What wonderful classroom organization! I want to live there! Also,… Read more »

Big man here got to try riding a balance bike last week. I think he could walk faster than he rode and spent a good deal of time leaning side to side and yelling that the bike was wobbly. 🙂   I couldn’t resist sharing a recent family picture that my brother captured for us. My baby lives in that carrier every day and for every outing. I love that we have this picture to remember this time.