This is a smile he usually reserves for his siblings. I can get my little mister to giggle and sometimes to laugh, but when his two older siblings bounce or dance around him, this guy just lights up. And, that is how I know that he has six teeth! Also, for those photographically curious, here’s a tip. This photo was taken in our garage. For some amazing light on your subjects, let them up right at the edge of the… Read more »

Regular readers of this blog (Hi, Allison and Jen) will hopefully recognize my attempts to use photography to tell stories. Most of these stories show how little my children are, or tell about their childhood. Using photos to tell stories requires thinking like a journalist and using the Who, What, When, Where and Why in creating the photo. Some photographer friends recently decided to do a four week study of telling stories through photography. This week, our first week, had… Read more »

We go on family walks most evenings after dinner and before bedtime. When I bring my “fancy” camera, I usually have in mind a variety of pictures of the kids I’d like to capture and my kids rarely cooperate. However, for the 1/400th of a second that it took to capture this moment, my little man did cooperate. Now I can check off the kid-standing-by-a-fence picture from my list.

This little guy is so full of personality. He’s chill and relaxed whenever we are out in public. He’s giggly and laughing at his own antics. He’s cuddly at night. My newest favorite development of his are the games he now plays. He’ll throw toys on the ground and giggle when I pick them up. He’ll lightly head bump my chest and I’ll head bump him back… to more giggles. And he’ll now try to mimic some of my sounds… Read more »

I found a recipe for Sea Salt Spray and wanted to try it on my hair. It’s supposed to add some light curls and bounciness to my hair; sort of like it gets after staying all day at the beach. Verdict? Good Hair Day! Also, when I was playing with the camera timer, my little photographer’s assistant woke up from her nap and decided to make the picture much more colorful!

I’ve been thinking lately of the ability of photos to tell complete stories in one single image. This project that’s been going on for 37 weeks so far has been my attempt to really learn the science and art of photography. Part of that art of photography is figuring out my style. Post processing style as well as shooting style. Well, whenever I’m chasing my kids around with my camera, I noticed that I’m always thinking to myself: “What story… Read more »

  This little guy loves to have his picture taken, unlike my two older kids who hide and pout when I point the camera their way. So, this morning, I sat next to the window in some perty light and simply waited until he scooted on over.   Um, yes. His world is in color sometimes.