My baby has decided that 4:30am is a good time to wake up and play. I figured if that he’s going to force me to be awake with him, the least he could do is model for me while I practice backlighting. Don’t mind that yawn, he’s not really tired. Yep, that’s how I look when I wake up at 4:30am too. Big brother woke up and wanted in on the fun (with his car, naturally).      

We found ourselves at Morro Bay on a recent foggy morning. A small surfing contest was gathering a crowd but my kids were more interested in the dead seagull they found and the many other dirty things that they could throw or eat.

Here’s my first attempt at star photography. My husband and I went out late last night to catch some of the Perseid Meteor shower on camera. We didn’t succeed in getting any shooting stars on camera, but I did capture a gorgeous clear night sky. We went way out of town down some bumpy country roads and then walked down a dirt path for a few minutes. Next time I’ll try to remember to bring the flashlight for that walking… Read more »

I love the idea of bathing my littlest in our kitchen sink and wanted to try it before he got too big. If you look closely you’ll see a towel under him since I didn’t want to actually get him wet and slippery if I was taking pictures. Anyway, isn’t this light beautiful? And isn’t my baby gorg? 

I recently started a new photography project. My little town is full of interesting shops, old buildings and very unique people. This project will document the people and buildings of this town throughout the year. Let’s start the series from the top of the parking garage downtown. The Packing House is a old building where they packed lemons from the many local citrus farms. Now it holds cafes, boutique stores, a kid’s cooking class and a used book store. 

This post is more random than most of my usual posts. I was organizing my photo library and came across some of my favorite images from the past month that I haven’t shared yet. 1. I caught the kids dancing in some backlit sun a couple of weeks ago. They are so carefree and innocent here. 2. I asked. He said he was an “Astronaut Prince.” The sock are gloves that every prince must wear. 3. We headed to the… Read more »

The theme in this month’s CM Monthly Challenge was mobile phones. I have one of the world’s worst cell phone cameras with only 3mp, very limited auto focus and little metering abilities so it was definitely a challenge creating photographs that I would be willing to share on this blog. I mainly use my camera phone to captures moments when I’m without my DSLR or to practice my composition in situations where lighting isn’t an issue. So, here’s a smattering… Read more »