This baby is has now been a part of this world longer than he cooked inside of me. For anyone who is curious, this photo idea was not mine. I found it on Pinterest but can’t find the original photographer. If anyone knows of the source of the original idea, please let me know.

I love taking my children to wander around the colleges in our area. The juxtaposition of little kids on campuses of higher learning has always interested me. This campus is Scripps College, a private women’s college that’s been around since the 1920s. It seems that beauty is everywhere on that campus, especially the windows. This first one was right above air conditioner machines. Later on our walk, we ended up at the Rose Garden and Graffiti Wall. Each graduating class… Read more »

It’s a right of passage as a parent to have your children help you wash your car. These two were so giddy that they got to help. Just a tip though for other parents, make sure you’re also wearing a swimsuit. ***** The bond between these two is so sweet. Whenever we’re out at a park, big brother is almost always playing on the picnic blanket near his little brother and Little Brother’s face always lights up when he seeing… Read more »

My littlest has finally learned how to sit up! One morning, I got him to sit in the prettiest ray of light and took advantage of his inability to get out of a sitting position. He was so giggly that all my shots of his smiles are too blurry to share. So, here’s his serious side. In other news, I’m trying a matte style for my photos again. I am still drawn to the soft, creamy feel of these images…. Read more »

Time for some new portraits of the crew. Favorite colors: Pink and Purple! (often worn together in many varied hues) Favorite tv shows: the princess ones Largest $10 word she can pronounce: Antagonize ***** Favorite colors: Green and Blue Favorite animal: Puppies Likes: All carbohydrates Dislikes: Long walks on the beach ***** Favorite time of the day: 6:00 am Favorite sound: Metal toys clanging together Likes: Being tickled, stealing his big siblings’ toys Dislikes: Putting on shirts

All these were taken on our evening walk through our local college campus. I purposely was trying to find new perspectives for shots or ones with interesting light (like backlighting in the first image) and I was hoping to capture the sense of  small-ness and curiosity of my children. Mmmm, those eyelashes.

Big sister spent the week with Grammy and Papa and we got to see how easy life is with only two children at home. When asked what park he wanted to go to first, big brother insisted on “Train Park!” Here he is going confidently in the direction of his dreams! He called “All aboard!” and is waiting for the train to drive off. He wasn’t so enthusiastic, however, about going to the beach. He walked on the sand the… Read more »

Time for another round of Clickin Moms monthly challenge. Last month we focused on Beautiful Ugly. This month, our theme was shallow depth of field. For any non-photographers reading this, depth of field (DOF) is the area of the picture that is in focus. A wide DOF would have the entire photo in focus, while the shallow DOF has just he tiniest margin of focus. So, I thought I’d give you “shallow” a view of our trip to the local… Read more »