I scored the jackpot for husbands. My wonderful man washes all the dishes!! I would rather clean toilets than do the dishes and so we have made that deal. Here is a good man showing his children how to help in the home. My littlest is also learning to crawl. When the older two children hide from the sound of the vacuum, he come crawling towards the noise. I suppose he is learning about his future chore.

Time for another blog circle from the Clickin Moms forums. A little while ago, I stumbled upon a website (Kids Were Here) devoted to documenting the evidence that kids are ever-present in our homes and lives; portraits of our children without their little bodies. Though I see my childrens’ clutter every day and step on their little legos and princess shoes all day long, with my camera, I can preserve these brief glimpses into their interests and playtime activities. Enjoy…. Read more »

The Huck Finn Jubilee. Three days of bluegrass music, food, greased pole climbing, frog jumping contests, face painting and some awesome people watching. We’ll definitely be going again next year. Even Huck Finn showed up to watch the greased pole contest.    

When I just had my first child, a friend brought over a batch of Oatmeal Cookies. She said that they were Lactation Cookies to keep up my milk supply for my nursing baby. Since I need no encouragement to eat desserts, I soon started experimenting with lots of different recipes to create the perfectly chewy, thick, flavorful oatmeal cookie. Four years later, I found the perfect recipe. But, I now avoid dairy since my third baby is somewhat intolerant to… Read more »

Here are a few recent black and white conversions. I’m very slowly learning to see light. Not just the brightness of a room, but how the light comes across the floor and where the shadow are and even how strong or soft the light it. So, took these shots knowing I wanted to see them in black and white to really see how the light affects the story or mood of the shot.

Here’s a brief peek into how we entertain three little balls of energy. ***** Yoga for Kids – Youtube videos and my yoga mat provide lots of non-yoga fun. ***** Library Trip – I’m always experimenting with black and white conversion of my photos and street photography. Both are such intriguing types of photography when done right and while I haven’t found the secret recipe for either yet, it’s still fun to experiment. Here is our little trip to the downtown… Read more »

So, I’m another year older. But it’s all good news because for the past few weeks I actually thought I was a year older than that. I had somehow convinced myself that I was 37. And I just turned 36! Yay, I’m getting younger! Anyway, I had a lovely date with my man in Brea where I got to test out my newest lens; a Sigma 30mm f/1.4. I may even have skipped up to the postal worker when he… Read more »

I recently joined a blog circle of ladies from the Clickinmoms photography forum. Each month we are given a theme to guide us when taking photographs throughout the month. We then each create a blog post on that theme on our own blog that also links to someone else in the blog circle. If you follow all the links, you’ll end up back here. This month’s theme is Beautiful Ugly. Well, with toddlers running amok in this house, there is… Read more »